Fall in Love with Your Countertops All Over Again

Countertop Sealing Service

Are your formerly shiny countertops hazy and dull? Do you scrub at that annoying spot that never seems to go away? In a typical home, spills are an everyday occurrence, which could cause damage to your countertops. When an acidic substance like coffee, juice, or tea gets spilled on a natural stone surface that needs to be sealed or resealed, it could leave behind an unattractive etch mark or stain. Natural stone can last for a lifetime, but it may still need maintenance and repairs from time to time. To keep your natural stone countertops looking their best, you can count on the experts at Preferred Surfaces.

Restore the Natural Beauty of your Countertops

Over the years, natural stone countertops can begin to lose their luster due to daily wear and tear, and the build-up of oils and other products. Our stone specialists provide expert services such as cleaning, honing, polishing, sealing, repair, restoration, and maintenance of granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, soapstone, and Corian countertops. Protect your investment with Countertop Sealing Services by the experts from Preferred Surfaces.

Did you purchase a home with tired, worn stone countertops? Are you remodeling your home and want to refresh your natural stone countertops? Our Countertop Sealing Service can fix the traces of everyday wear and tear on your stone countertops, including scratches, dull finish, and minor abrasions, leaving you with a gorgeous counter you’ll want to show off to guests.

Our professional team will inspect your countertops for any damage, then we will work to restore your countertops, polishing them until they shine. We can get your counter looking like new, offering a variety of services including:

  • Filling cracks & chips

  • Repairing seams

  • Replacing old caulk

  • Buffing out etch marks & scratches

  • Deep cleaning & sealing

  • Restoring the shine

Make Your Old Countertops Beautiful Again

Dull, stained countertops can make a space look drab and uninviting, particularly if they are worn. Preferred Surfaces’ Countertop Sealing Service can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Our experienced team of stone technicians will work to restore your natural stone countertops to their original glory, and you can depend upon our quality care and superb customer service to give you stunning results every time. Preferred Surfaces – your knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsible stone specialists. Contact us today, we would love to discuss your project!