Countertops 101


Like other natural stones, quartzite is very durable and heat resistant – making it a perfect kitchen countertop option. Its natural veining and marbling gives each slab its uniqueness and elegance.

If you’re looking for quartzite countertops in Washington PA, Clarksburg WV, Uniontown PA, Fairmont WV, Bridgeport WV, Morgantown WV, or the surrounding areas, contact us today!

Quartzite vs. Quartz

Similar names, different materials. Quartzite is a natural stone while quartz is an engineered stone


Since quartzite is a natural stone, it is generally a harder material and resistant to scratches and heat. Perfect for high traffic areas including kitchens.

Luxurious Option

Quartzite material is often more expensive than other natural stone options due to its fabrication. The natural veining that occurs gives it a classy, luxurious look.


We Keep It Simple

Our Process

1. Visit Our Showroom

Stop by our showroom and bring along some photos and dimensions of the space. while visiting, you can enjoy looking at our vast variety of materials!

2. Preliminary Quote

After discussing sizing and options, we will then provide you with a preliminary estimate for the project.

3. Custom Template

We visit the space and create a custom template of your cabinetry and confirm the final details.

4. Fabrication

Once the final details have been confirmed, we then begin the fabrication of your countertops in our specialized faciltiy.

5. Installation

Our experienced team of installers will then install your countertops and bring your space to life. All that is left from there is to enjoy your new space!


At Preferred Surfaces, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality material to our customers, as well as one of the largest varieties of materials, colors, and stones.


Preferred Surfaces is your one-stop shop. With our specialized equipment and facility, we bring countertop fabrication in-house, cutting out the middleman to increase efficiency.


Our team of craftsmen has the knowledge and expertise needed to provide you with quality workmanship for all your custom countertops. From bathroom countertops to kitchen countertops, vanities, and more, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best.

Custom Options

At Preferred Surfaces, we have the machinery and expertise to create countertops that are custom-cut to your home’s surfaces. We don’t use cookie-cutter countertops, rather all our bathroom countertops, and kitchen countertops are custom-made for your home.

Dream It. We’ll Do The Rest

We are a team of visionaries and want to help you bring your dream into reality. No project is too big or too small for Preferred Surfaces. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen are able to transform any kitchen or bathroom into the space of your dreams.

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