Custom Quartz Countertops

Would you like to elevate and update the look of your residential or commercial space with quartz? Preferred Surfaces offers durable quartz countertop installation for all your aesthetic and functional needs. Discuss your preferences with our team today.

On-site Fabrication in and Around the West Virginia Region

We proudly set ourselves apart from other countertop installers by offering on-site fabrication services. This service allows us to deliver a true custom quartz countertop that fits your unique dimensions without sending them out to an independent contractor for cutting. Bring your dream home to life quickly with our installers!

A Wide Variety of Beautiful Quartz Colors and Designs

Other Custom Quartz Surfaces

Would you like to extend the look of your quartz countertops to other surfaces in your home? We can install quartz for your:

Why Clients Prefer Quartz Countertops by Preferred Surfaces

We proudly serve as an experienced countertop provider in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. Choose Preferred Surfaces for our:

  • Decades of Experience

    We have been in the industry for decades, assuring you that we apply only the best practices and highest standards in quartz countertop installation.

  • Hands-on Process

    We work with our customers through every step of the process, from material selection to installation. We will walk you through all of the details, including sink selection, backsplash, and edge finish options, etc.

  • Designer Finishes and Edges

    Our specialized tooling and skilled workforce allows us to offer a variety of unique edge finishes, such as waterfall miter cuts, chipped edges for a rustic look, stacked edges, and many more.

The Preferred Surfaces team is ready to take on your next commercial or residential improvement project with our high-quality quartz slabs. Call us today to discuss the process!