Harrison County, WV

Superior Granite Countertop Installation in Bridgeport & Clarksburg, WV

Granite Countertops resist damage from heat and scratches better and last longer than most of the other types of countertops. Each granite countertop that Preferred Surfaces creates is unique and there will never be another granite countertop that looks exactly like yours. When you choose us to create your custom granite countertop, you are able to choose from a large variety of colors and patterns and we have an option for any style. Granite Countertops are ideal for countertops, bathtub and shower surrounds, fireplaces, window sills, and so much more.

Exceptional Quartz Countertop Installation in Salem & Shinnston, WV

If you are looking for a countertop that is easy to maintain but still offers natural beauty and a rich depth, then quartz countertops are what you are looking for. These countertops are perfect in any residential or commercial space. Quartz countertops will give you a contemporary, upscale look with low maintenance and durability. At Preferred Surfaces, our quartz countertops are made by optimal fusion of quartz and resin material that mimic the look of natural stone.  We have hundreds of colors and patterns available for you to choose from.

Outstanding Marble Countertop Installation in all of Harrison County, WV

Marble countertops are made from natural stone and offer a timeless aesthetic. Marble is softer than other natural stones like granite, therefore its possible incorporate different design elements like fancy edges. When you come to Preferred Surfaces for your custom marble countertops you can expect beauty with a warm and sophisticated look. Our custom marble countertops are ideal for spaces like floors, hearths, bathrooms, and so much more. Contact us today to get started on your custom marble countertop project.